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Far More Than Faster! HIKARI classical H89S has been further upgraded.

June 19, 2021

Workers always hope to work with a fast-running lockstitch sewing machine which is also easy to operate.

From the perspective of clothing factories, they not only value machines’ high running speed, but attach great importance to their stability, durability and multifunction, for the former equals efficiency while the latter means benefit enhancement.

Featuring more ergonomic and functional design, HIKARI latest stepper motor type H89S is a real blockbuster.

From fast to faster: in terms of starting speed, its working efficiency is 25% higher compared with that of previous generation machine.
Workers will find it convenient to operate. First, H89S is now equipped with an HMI which provides intuitive operation. Second, it uses voice broadcast function to make human-computer interaction more direct and make every step of operation easier to understand; Third H89S use electronic control instead of manual feeding, the needle pitch adjustment is therefore more accurate and convenient. In addition, the needle pitch can be adjusted in the sewing process to achieve accurate sewing.

For factories, H89S runs faster and needs less oil, which endows it a longer service life, and greater oil resistance. This is because H89s uses HIKARI high-quality "black crystal liner rotary hook". Compared with ordinary rotary hooks, it has the advantages of smooth thread passing, beautiful stitching and strong wear resistance.

H89S is multifunctional: it saves 9 kinds of editable patterns which suffice the basic pattern stitching. If more individual pattern stitches are needed, just edit as needed.

Thanks to HIKARI precision production and stringent quality control,despite its high running speed, H89S is even quieter and more stable, thus creating a more environment-friendly and comfort workshop.

“Fast and convenient, the more you use, the better the service.” Just as the widely recognized brand reputation of HIKARI, H89S has many other designs worthy of experiencing. For example, user can install optional Iot function module or anti bird

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