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HIKARI 68S- Top class speed with self heat radiation

June 20, 2021

Stepper motor outputs higher speed and lower noise by time reduction of auto-foot lifter and auto-trimming. Efficiency increased 32.7%, 20.8% than pneumatic and motor driven version.
Integrated H68s has improved whole machine heat radiation, efficiency and service life. 
High speed is easily to cause the machine overheat and shorter the service life. The heat radiation device of 68s perfectly solved the speed reduction and high failure rate problems through air circulation by lower the heat of electrical control box, motor, casing, main shaft and connection parts.
Improved oil filter realized the best oil lubrication supply and cost reduction. Regarding the oil filter, Hikari designed the oil hole at the bottom of the filter so that it sprays straight down to the meshing part of the worm gear and the worm, which not only guarantees the best lubrication effect, but also avoids the waste of oil.
Productivity improvement with applicable IOT. 
As the classic model of Hikari products, H68S series will continually lead the history and the future. 

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