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Unnecessary to trim thread tail! Oil-dirt proof! HIKARI H93S high-efficient sewing machine is gaining popularity.

June 19, 2021

Every new product has its new techniques! In order to improve stitching efficiency and quality and enhance sewing management, HIKARI who is focusing on new technology and automation, developed more new techniques for H93S all at once. 

Thread tails too long? H93S is ready to solve! With its double trimmer design structure, H93S can control the thread tail within 3mm, which makes manual thread trimming redundant and helps factory save labor.

Oil stain is another difficulty that clothing industry has long been facing. HIKARI takes precautions from three aspects: first, the integrated sealed oil tank is adopted to prevent the pollution of dust and foreign matters from getting into the lubricating oil and reduce oil stain on the cloth; Second, it adopts the special design - oil-free feeding mechanism. The feeding shaft sleeve and tooth frame pin are F oil-free structure which can avoid oil stain; Third, the specialized black crystal inner liner rotary hook needs less oil than the ordinary rotary hook, which greatly reduces the oil stain on the sewing thread.

Intuitively speaking, the outside to inside design of HIKARI H93S is based on the premise of defeating the oil pollution problem, the strenuous effort is wholehearted.

Thread tension controlling problem? H93S is ready to solve! It adopts electromagnetic thread tension device, making adjustment more convenient and thread tension more stable.

In addition to its standard configuration such as 25% higher starting stitching speed, electronic feeding mechanism and U-type LED reverse stitching light, you can also choose the options of Iot function module and anti-bird nest device. With so many powerful functions, H93S has become a favorite of the market and is being chosen by a growing number of factories, thus consolidating and expanding the HIKARI brand reputation of “fast and easy to use, the more you use, the better the service”

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